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by Nettie French

God gave to earth's mothers a secret untold
He placed in her heart a love that's pure gold.
No one can define it- how deep it can go-
Not the angels in heaven for God only knows.

No mortal can sever that cord that will tie
The love of a mother for her own precious child;
No thief can break through, no murderer can kill
For that love in her heart lies hidden and still.

Through the long weary night she goes without sleep.
Her heart strings are twisted and torn by grief.
They've called for her darling- he must go off to war,
The home's greatest treasure, her own baby boy.

Her prayer reaches out over the dark briny deep
That God in His goodness her boy keep
Though the shells burst around him and thunder may roll
Through the thickest of battle her love there will go.

The babe she once cuddled and loved and caressed,
The sweet dimpled bundle she held at her breast,
Must now face the perils of life all alone-
While Mother prays always for his return home.

He may be careless and wicked and bring her to shame
But the love that God gave her is ever the same
Christ was born of a woman; God knew the great task
And He placed in her heart the love that would last.

O'Mother, Dear Mother, in the shadow of death
You gave me life; you gave me your best.
For the crimson rose I will always fight
Until God exchanges the red for the white.

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