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Perfect Love

by Paul Purday

If Perfect Love this world could ever see
It would forever know a wondrous plan
Destined from ages past a world to be
A climax of the history and the plight of man.

A Perfect Love, a possibility
A hope, a longing and a dream
Man fails to grasp that bright reality
A sun not glimpsed, but still a hoped-for gleam

That longed-for wonder of the hope of day
When all mankind will find a better road
A better walk for all, a higher way
A source of light where endless goodness flowed.

A perfect moment many years ago
When Perfect Love and Perfect Meekness stood
Unflinching staunch against the foe
But leading onward to a Cross of wood.

At last! For Perfect Love is here revealed
God's Man whose precious blood has flowed away
To fill the healing cisterns and has sealed
Our entry into God's eternal day.

Oh Perfect Love, He for our sins has died
A perfect spectacle for all to see
Wounds from the nails, and spear-wound in His side
Are marks to stay for all eternity.

The work is done, the Grace of God complete
Streams from His heart and Perfect Love is shown
Myriads are there who worship at His feet
An endless song of praise to Him alone.

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Book by Paul Purday

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