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The Simplicity of the Christ (2 Corinthians 11 v 2- 4)

by Paul Purday

We find that His simplicity will show
A single mind, a single heart to be
Caught up in Him and His eternal flow
And His descending, lowly way, to know
The Mind of Christ, all other minds to flee.

And His simplicity would be the way
We know His love, so simple yet profound
For first of all His claims we would obey
He kept us, and didn't let our footsteps stray
With cords of love our hearts with His are bound.

Fear of corruption's stain is always there
Another Jesus, who has not been preached
Another spirit we were not aware
A gospel that our plight would not repair
Its message that our hearts have never reached.

And more deceptive is a further road
That is now adding slightly to the path
Where Christ's simplicity has always flowed
And imperceptibly a difference showed
That leads from blessing to a path of wrath.

Let not beguiling ways our hearts entice
And lead us from the virgin way of Him
Where only what is purest will suffice
A path that is like His, of sacrifice
And nothing of His heart and ways to skim.

Everything is Jesus, and nothing more
And perfectly expressing God's pure mind
Which is unshaken, this status to explore
Perfection of His heart, Him to adore
And all the secrets of His Grace to find.

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