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by Paul Purday

The home we long for is a place to stay
To rest awhile
A place of safety where we often may
Release a smile
We belly laugh at some small silly thing
And turn the darkest winter into spring.

It is a place where we can be ourselves
And know each day
Will not require we daily dust our shelves
For this we say
Is precious freedom from the public eye
Who often notice where the dust will lie.

That costly freedom is a transient spark
For we soon find
That spark soon dies and we are in the dark
Within our mind
Home can be dressed with ornamental things
But thoughts of freedom soon have taken wings.

It is within that freedom holds its place
And always there
The quest for freedom only shows its face
And only where
The outward things have proved to fade away
And shown there is another home to stay.

This home that only we can find within
Is really home
To where our best responses cannot win
And only come
To show how each new lovely toy soon dies
And proves our happiness in home is lies.

Our homeward longings are much deeper still
Our hopes and dreams
Show forth a home that we've not seen, nor will
We see the beams
Of world's beyond our sight, though we will see
A world of hope and dreams, where we would be.

If we could find the way. A Land of Gold
A City bright
A longed-for home, a place that we would hold
And end the fight
Of all failed promises and empty days
Where broken dreams disrupt our earthly ways.

See, there He walks those streets - 'Come take His hand'
His hold secure
He'll lead us through the pathways of that land
Forthright and sure
Pure golden streets are these that we have seen
But which before was only 'might have been.'

We always knew our hearts would find their place
Beyond the sun
It was a longing for a world of Grace
That world has run
Into our hearts' and filled stupendously
That home of praise for all eternity.

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Book by Paul Purday

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