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The King of Kings

by Paul Purday

So many kings and fewer queens have passed.
The corridors of time; now sadly cast
The shadow and the memory of a Queen
Whose reign fulfilled a blessing rarely seen.

Through all this pageantry the Queen has lived
With long and humble constancy and weaved
Normality and stateliness through years
Gone by, but these now ended with our tears.

Her head wore crowns priced with a boundless worth
And showed a privilege of rank and birth
But her's was not the bread of pride to eat
Those crowns she flung with gladness at His feet.

The feet of Him who is the King of Kings
He walked here once mid sound of angels' wings
Feet-washing was this Holy Servant's way
A lowliness that showed the light of day.

The Servant King has met the servant queen
Robed in a brightness more than she has seen
Not clothed in finest ermine of the earth
But in the matchless glory of Christ's worth.

The princes and the greatest in the world
Have worked their paths with flags of fame unfurled
Unknowing that their wealth is poverty
And they have missed the true reality.

But, lower, still lower, this King went down
The tomb, humility, and thorns, His crown
The Father's glory raised Him up to bring
To the vast universe its only King.

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