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by Paul Purday

How far from earth can man ascend or fly?
An Everest, the Moon, space explorations?
The world a lesser place as from on high
This different air would not repair the nations

But all these stratospheric journeys will
Not show where God has walked for that was lower
He walked this earth as Man, a weary hill
And death was conquered through His glorious power

And from the mountain He would leave the land
The skyward journey of His great ascension
Past stars that number as the grains of sand
He rose beyond the range of comprehension

God is established in the highest place
Above the thrones, and rulers and dominions
And all who do not recognise His face
And who are resting on their own opinions

So through the nations raging, God will laugh
At their demonic thoughts and plans infernal
He will their darkness sweep away like chaff
He sits in power and a throne eternal

He sets on Zion's holy hill, His King
And while it might not seem that He is reigning
It's at HIS time, His victory He will bring
The certain glory of His rule attaining.

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Book by Paul Purday

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