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The Lonely Road

by Kristie Lamb © 2023

Let me close myself away
No one can see me and no one will stay
I can't see out and they can't see in
That's just how I stay trapped in my sin
It's lonely and dark in here
I am trembling with fear
Then I hear Jesus say let in my light
Say goodbye to the loneliness of the night
He reaches out his hand
He tells me he does understand
I reach toward his and he grabs a hold of me
He pulls me into his light and into his glory
He says my child , this is not your story
You were not meant to walk the lonely road of isolation
In my arms ,you will find no accusation
I am your Father, your Abba it's true
There is still so much I want you to do
Walk on my path
Walk in my way
I will never abandon you
I'm here to stay
I am Jesus, I came to give you life
I came for you as a selfless sacrifice
I am Jesus, I am your friend
I am with you always until the very end

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