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Bring back

by Nettie French

Bring back again the long ago
When men had faith in God
Let us walk again the beaten path
The weary Pilgrims trod.

Let us plunge out on the storm tossed sea
Where heavy breakers roar,
And trust the Master of the past
With prayers that upward soar.

Of God we seem to have no fear
His way we fail to heed,
We do not honor God called men
But on selfishness we feed.

The church is not the house of God
'Tis not His dwelling place,
No more His spirit fills our lives
But from Him we've turned our face.

We seek the praise our Lord is due
We will not let Him lead,
The chosen one He sends to us
Of him we have no need.

He tries so hard, his place to fill
But hardened hearts won't yield,
And with weary steps, he turns away
To seek some other field.

Surely thou wilt bless his life
When he tried so hard, but failed,
To lead a stubborn church to see
The cross where Christ was nailed.

In mercy Lord, wilt thou look down
On those who humbly bow,
We know not what to do or say
Or when or where or how.

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