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Mountain View.

by Paul Purday

I scarce can take in all that I am seeing
The painted panoramas green and blue
Shimmering and lightly glinting in their being
A playground of the light that clouds pursue.

The rugged trees form lines with ancient border
And dry stone walls fence sheep in slanting fields
The sky a gentle surface of disorder
Where frowns then smiles, its temperament reveals.

For briefly, in this mountain situation
I have a higher look and peer beyond the sky
And see through Spirit's eyes, with admiration
The One who walked this world and came to die.

He saw like us these earthly skies while treading
His dusty path, unlike our lavish earth.
His way was firm but soon His blood was shedding
Love saved the world and none can match His worth.

To those in Him and in His resurrection
This Mountain View, in Him, will seat us now
A heavenly landscape points to His perfection
Foresees a time when every knee will bow.

So we still wonder at the rugged glory
Of earthly landscapes but our faith will see
A far, far better land, an endless story
Where countless hosts will dwell eternally.

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