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by Carol Dee Meeks © 2004

He who reigns on earth and sky,
He who’s sovereign and will never die,
He’s the one, who gives me bread,
with Holiness and righteousness I am fed.

He’s the one who quinces my thirst
with overflowing love, I’m putting Him first.
He’s the one, who walks in light,
He takes my darkness both day and night.

He’s the Good Shepherd, I’m His sheep.
He nurtures, cares, and His promises keep.
He’s the one who changed the world
like the scroll when the resurrection unfurled.

He’s the one who gives eternal life
in hope and faith, He freed me from strife.
He’s The Vine, I am the branches.
He’s The way, my life He enhances.

He’s The Truth, I do seek after.
I bow my knees, He saves me disaster.
He’s The One who hears my prayers.
They rise to heaven in clouds of layers.

He’s The One who stands at the door.
He knocks. He waits and hopes I won’t ignore.
He’s The I Am, He’s The King,
The Alpha, Omega, Messiah, Everything.

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