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by Paul Purday

There is a place to find
Beyond the stars
Yet is behind our eyes
Despite our scars.

We ever look within
And hope to see
A light upon our path
Where shadows flee.

But human longings see
Only a road
Beset by thorn and weeds
Where sorrows flowed.

Within these thorns we find
Another way
We thirst and hunger now
And even pray.

And light is dawning now
A hope for all
A new and living way
A conscience call.

The Light within our hearts
A blinding Sun
Exposing where we were
A victory won.

Now we have seen that Man
The son of God
We see His majesty
Our feet unshod.

Now we would fix our eyes
Upon His face
No other face to see
The sight of Grace.

Yes, fixed. For this must be
Our only sight
We see with Spirit's eyes
The path of light.

No other Man for us
The way to go
From Him His love will be
An endless flow.

A face that was more marred
Than any man
Suffered to deal with sin
A perfect plan.

No cloud may dim this sight
Unless the foe
Throws spangles of deceit
To dim the glow.

His light and beauty now
Will hold our eyes
A place forever fixed
Beyond the skies.

Light of the waiting heart
Himself to see
Soon will be face to face

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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Book by Paul Purday

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