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Of This I Know

by Linda Pachkowski

Before He whispered in my ear and opened up my eyes,
I thought I knew the risen Lord, but much to my surprise,
He showed me that I didn't know just what He'd done for me,
I didn't count the cross He bore for me at Calvary.
I answered to His gentle call, and asked Him to come in,
He's saved me with His righteousness, and covered all my sins,
Yes, Jesus lives within my heart, and loves me day by day,
He set my path towards the goal, and leads me all the way.
When days are dark, and I feel lost, I know that He is there,
He leads me through this earthly life, He shows me how to care,
For what I may have suffered, for what I may have lost,
Is nothing in comparison to what Jesus Christ it cost.
I must forget what lies behind, and strive towards the prize,
Watch out for enemies of Christ, who tarry in disguise,
As God reveals my weaknesses, He tells me how to grow,
Press on, through faith in Jesus Christ, He says, Of This I Know.

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