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Our Blessed Hope: An End Times Poem

by pencil in His Hand © 2023

My feet are lifting off the ground,

I hear the clearest trumpet sound

Around me, others fly away,

rejoicing on this glorious day

We leave the chaos down below,

and all the evils of our foe

We fly to Jesus through the air,

Our loving Bridegroom's over there

Away we go to heavenly home,

to gather all round Father's throne

A day of rejoicing has begun,

as we praise Father, Spirit, Son

Then day of dread falls on the earth,

but we are saved through second birth

For seven years our Father hides,

His Son's redeemed and spotless bride

When all is done on earth below,

Following Jesus, down we'll go

Once Jesus the evil one firmly has bound,

The Millenial Kingdom will be found

At the end of this, Armageddon will come,

All evil destroyed from under the sun

We will live forever on new heaven and earth,

Praising the Lamb for His matchless worth,


Praising the Lamb for His matchless worth


Praising the Lamb for His matchless worth.

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