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There is a Way

by Paul Purday

There is a way that seems so right to men
The way that he knows best, sometimes with vanity
Sometimes a pinch of hope through space and then
A pinch of quick depravity
Hoping to slide beneath the fence and find
A subtle way to disregard eternity
Such efforts hold the stance of humankind
A lesson in futility.

Poor man! So many ways to find a path
Twisting and focusing his ingenuity
Until he finds a poverty in wrath
Or lure of famed celebrity
The two extremes that earthbound longings bring
Where wisdom's lack and earth's invincibility
A worldly freedom that will falsely sing
As it embraces blasphemy.

There is a hidden stairway to the stars
Where we can come and go with joy and certainty
As swimming in the healing reservoirs
Of genuine diversity
All may come in and worship at His feet
All may find heavenly acceptability
The blood of Christ is on the Mercy Seat
There is a Way of constancy.

That Way is vested in the glorious Man
He is the Way, a personal actuality
Not multifarious ways; only He can
Bring genuine finality
To sin's great problem in our hurting earth
An awesome Light has shone with great authority
His saving Grace and none can match His worth
His freedom from captivity.

Oh who can match the wonder of that plan
Formed in God's heart before the world began!
Forever loved!
Forever free!
Only because of God's forever Man!

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