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His Grace

by Paul Purday

I can't forget what Grace has done for me
I can't recover from heaven's artistry
I'm overcome, this new and living way
Where Jesus turns the darkness into day
To link us with a land of faraway
A land that sings its songs eternally
And plunges our mis-steps into the sea.

Beautiful He is, the fairest among men
No other One like Him we'll see again
No other light in all the world will show
A glory when He died so long ago
Now we are caught in this eternal flow
Streams of divinity beyond our ken
Where God's Heart-Grace envelops us like rain.

And even then, our faltering steps resign
The path of God, and see the way decline,
The story of us all, where we can see
Our loss of Him, and our captivity
Yet deep within a longing to be free
A hope for future freedom to enshrine
And find again the gold within His mine.

No condemnation's poison would we know
That subtle error melting like the snow
No working hard to pay for past misdeeds
Jesus has paid it all, His kindness leads
Where humans rarely go to heal their needs
But to His outstretched arms they all must go
And find a place where Grace will overflow.

If payment is required, it isn't Grace
The beauty of God's plan has met our case
I saw this truth so many years ago
It changed my life and set my heart aglow
This Man who fought and overcame the foe
Will meet us all with glory in His face
Where we with joy His heavenly features trace.

This poem was a finalist in the October 2023 poetry contest

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Book by Paul Purday

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