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by Paul Purday

Our life in Christ involves that we must be
A digger and a searcher of His mine
If we would find a place to see
Deep things of God, that is the key
To plumbing His inimitable design.

For not a seeing eye or hearing ear
Or what will ever enter in man's heart
While there is preparation here
For those who love Him without fear
The lovely deeper things of God impart.

But we must know that God will only show
To us, these wonders by His Spirit's power
And search within a deeper flow
The mine of God, our hearts aglow
As revelation's Grace our hearts will shower.

And deeper in God's universe we find
His stars, where depth means height and heart means Grace
His depth He plumbed, His way defined
His star a crown with thorns entwined
His bleeding heart, the suffering in His Face.

Oh, who can fathom suffering's painful way
To rescue us, so we His depths have mined
His richest treasures everyday
'What are these treasures' we may say
It is for each, our way with God to find.

So let us not our Godly thirst run dry
Or settle for a surface way to be
Let's find His depths to make us cry
And to our fleshly longings die
His Spirit's eyes will now cause us to see.

Each one of us must see the Cross and face
The wisdom and the depth of God's design
To dig then glory in His Grace
And always after Him to chase
Explore His depths and drink in love divine.

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Book by Paul Purday

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