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The Revealing

by Dennis Newton © 2022

There are many turns along my highway.
Seems like my skies are always tainted gray.
Hoping for a road sign around the bend,
Telling me where this journey's gonna end.

I guess I am bound to travel a while,
On a wing and prayer mile after mile.
Rear view mirror tells me where I've been.
Not seen a rest stop since I don't know when.

And these words came to me…

"Only God knows what God knows.
And no one knows what God knows,
Unless He reveals it."

Nothing seems to stop my wheels from spinning.
Too busy losing to dream about winning.
Got more questions than I have answers.
I'm a staggering man on a stage full of dancers.

There's gotta be a way to slow me down.
Gotta be a 'slow zone' in this upcoming town.
I'm a wanderer traveling at break-neck speed,
With the pedal to the floor of this metal steed.

And these words came to me…

"Only God sees what God sees,
And no one sees what God sees,
Unless He reveals it."

As fast as I flew without hesitation,
I suddenly sensed a slowing sensation.
As the speed on my dial rapidly dropped,
My adventurous trek suddenly stopped.

I loosened my grip on the reins of my wheel,
The fence posts beside me stood silent and still.
I soon realized I am out of gas!
And God's voice said, "I have your attention at last".

And these words were spoken to me…

"Only I know what I know,
And no one knows what I know,
Unless I reveal it,"

"And only I see what I see,
And no one sees what I see,
Unless I reveal it."

As I sat on the roadside, a piece of God's plan,
I have heard God's voice, I am a changed man.
Once blinded by all that I thought of me,
I have Surrendered my life for one that is free.

My life so forlorn has been eternally healed.
I now glory in each moment and all He has revealed!

This poem won second place for the November 2023 poetry contest

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