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The Ancient Oak

by Paul Purday

There stands an oak of ancient origin
It's leaves are falling
Leaves that embraced the living oxygen
The sky is calling
It's arms though gnarled will stretch and not abandon
Leaves that are dying
And acorns falling too, the earth upon
Death and life combining and supplying.

The ground receives endowment from the tree
The roots lifesaving
The trunk stalwart and branches growing free
The branches waving
Farewell to century on century
A history viewing
This tree has seen what none of us can see
Many summer suns and storm clouds brewing.

Another tree, its ancient way still stands
And never bowing
Or swaying to the whims society demands
And ever growing
Rooted in God, the Tree of Life expands
Eternal healing
Ancient of Days, spreading to many lands
Its precious seed, the love of God revealing.

This Tree, a sapling then, which soon would grow
While ever learning
His Father's ways and grace-filled heart to show
His love was burning
To spread upon mankind His Godhead glow
Amazing story
His suffering on the Cross; His blood; His woe
His Sacrifice for our eternal glory.

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