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"Our Responsibility"

by Jeremy Denney © 2023

Do you want to choose?
Do you want something real?
Then He cannot pull the strings;
He cannot make you feel.

If there be any real love,
They'll be an option to hate.
Since the beginning of time,
We decide our own fate

So there will always be sorrow,
There will always be stress;
There will always be someone,
Blaming God for OUR mess.

We can't blame our creator,
for our wicked ways.
He gave us a choice,
now we must pay.

Would you want a world
where God was unjust?
He will honor His Word,
He has to, He must!

But I'm a good person!
Someone will claim.
Good compared to what?
There simply is no such thing

Just look at your heart,
Be honest, be fair,
If someone saw every part,
Are you proud of what's there?

We were given a standard,
By which to conform.
We want temporal things,
We make them the norm

He will give us new life,
If we'll do things His way.
But we choose to love self;
Choose not to obey.

We occupy a fallen world,
in it we'll stay.
But we CAN have hope;
Have Heaven someday!

We were distant from Him;
Separated from birth.
Yet He took care of that gap;
He sent His son here to earth.

He did NOTHING wrong!
Still He suffered and bled,
just so we could come home,
Death no longer means dread

Now a decision to make;
Will you choose the right way?
Grace has always been free;
There's nothing to pay.

May you call out to Him now,
He will help you along.
Don't make light of your choice;
Forever's a long time to be wrong...

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