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Beautiful Within

by Paul Purday

When Israel journeyed through the wilderness
God would accompany them, a lowly place
A God of boundless love and tenderness
Amid the peoples' often bitterness
Eternity had entered time and space.

The treasure that they carried was to be
The place where, with His people He would dwell
While leading them by fire and cloud, now He
Rested within, with close proximity
To man, in awesome nearness more than tongue can tell.

The Tabernacle's covering of skin
The badger's coat of grey and brown display
No indication of the gold within
So nondescript without, to
Man's poor humanity along the way.

Within, the cloud, the glory and the gold
The Ark would hold the carvings on the stone
The Manna and the budding rod of old
The priest would there, ascendancy behold
And know the wonders of His God alone.

And now the Blood is on the Mercy Seat
We enter in with boldness through His love
Holy of Holies, glorious retreat
A secret place where we His wonders meet
A place of awe presided by the Dove.

While through the wilderness we tread our way
We celebrate the God that we have found
Though trials and temptations mark our clay
The land is dusty and the sky is grey
Within the veil we step on Holy Ground!

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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Book by Paul Purday

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