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An Open Door (Revelation 3 v 7-13)

by Paul Purday

The church He looks for, has a little power
His power and only His, for in this hour
The workings of the ways of man devour
And captivate our hearts
The fruit tastes sweet but will be only sour
And emptiness imparts.

Among the candlesticks, the Christ is standing
The Holy and the True, His voice commanding
Authentic love our hopeful hearts expanding
And waiting at the door
His piercing eyes are bright with understanding
His people to explore.

It is the key of David He is holding
He opens; no-one can shut; withholding
Efforts of dead hearts who were beholding
His power over all
For none can open what He shut, unfolding
A deafness to His call.

He sets an open door before us showing
That none can try to shut, for He's knowing
Those who have kept His word and in their going
Have not denied His name
Their little strength upon their Lord bestowing
All honour to His fame.

Those who oppose with Satan's help decrying
And cynically, with poisoned darts applying
Their opposition to Himself, and dying
Not knowing of His love
His care and nurture of the church defying
No heart for things above.

And they will bow, surprising worship making
Their unaccustomed stance, man's glory shaking
But in His love for us, He will be taking
His lovers from the storm
The trial to burst upon the earth and breaking
Who to this world conform.

Behind the open door, a place preparing
To bring His people in and now declaring
A quick return, His holy arm He's baring
To champion His own
He cries, 'Hold fast!' His thought for them is caring
They look for Him alone.

The overcomers answer to their yearning
To be a pillar in God's temple, turning
Far from the reach of Babylon, discerning
What He loves, they love too
A New Name, the New Jerusalem returning
The path to all things new.

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Book by Paul Purday

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