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In My Darkest Moment, There Was the Gospel

by Maya Hudson

When my world was dark
And sin was my birthmark
You were on the cross
Bleeding for me
On that cursed tree
Up there you bore the world's loss
You were whipped for my sake
My sin caused your body to ache
You had nothing to gain
But you still took the pain
You were bruised and beaten for me
So I had the chance to be free
Nails tore through your hands
So your love I could understand

Before I knew you, I mocked you as a prisoner in chains
It was my sins that made your body cried out in pain
From all the whips you took over and over again
To pay off my debt of sin
On top of your head a crown of thorns was placed
You knew your death you soon faced
When your hands was nailed
It seemed evil had prevailed
On a cross you took your final breath
And I was responsible for your death
My sin put to death an innocent man
And yet all along it was your ultimate plan
You knew a blood sacrifice had to be made
In order for humanity's debt to be paid.

Even though my sins killed you
You still loved me through and through
You gave me mercy
So salvation I could see
With your final breath
You gave me the power to conquer death
You saw me as your treasure
So you gave me a gift beyond all measure
You died out of your own free will
So that every promise could be fulfilled

When you arose from that grave
A new path was paved
The chains of death have no grip on you
Cause on that day you proved every word to be true
Now my past is erased
My heart was replaced
Every shame and guilt was gone
All because of what you've done
My life completely turned around
A new peace is found
I was made anew
Who I am now is because of you!

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