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by Paul Purday

Bring us a grateful incense bowl
Cause us to fill it to the brim
Cause us to run and not to stroll
Grateful we are because of Him
The day is dawning

Thankful to know His perfect ways
Thankful to wallow in His Grace
Thankful to feel His sunshine rays
And know through faith His smiling face
The sun is rising

Knowing His understanding heart
Knowing His voice's caring tone
Feeling the warmth His arms impart
Finding a place in Him alone
The sun is beaming

Sometimes our lives will take a turn
Presenting what we don't expect
Thus bringing us extreme concern
And would our minds and hearts infect
The sun is hazing.

But Jesus knew Gethsemane
And tragic suffering of the Cross
Because of Him we can go free
Because of us He suffered loss
The sun was darkened.

None can compare what He went through
The highest gratitude of all
Our little trials cause us to view
A new perspective to our call
The Son is showing

Our greatest gratitude is now
To know His avalanche of Grace
In trials we remember how -
The suffering glory of His face
The sun is warming

Our Great High Priest has entered in
As one of us, our burdens shared
To Him we play love's violin
Anticipate a place prepared.
The Son is singing

I write with tears that He produced
And knowing that He holds with joy
Our hearts for Him, our voices loosed
And ever will His praise employ
The Son is blazing

This poem was a finalist in the February 2024 poetry contest

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