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Poems by Carol Suttibugha

poem count: 4 | pages: 1
Do I Disappoint You?
On dark days wondering what God really thinks of his children and being in awe of the fact that he has nothing but unconditional love for us.

Sorrow and Comfort
Based on II Corinthians: 1. I was struck by the knowledge that ALL of our comfort comes from the Lord, no mater what shape it comes example friend, song, poem, kind word, or just feeling surrounded by God's comforting presence.

Grace Is
I was just reflecting on God's grace and mercy, and the power of it all. They transform lives on such a deep almost cellular level and I am just awed by the fact that we only have to believe and ask and God freely gives it to us.

Captive To You I Want To Be
Thoughts on how we as humans are slaves to earthly things, usually unconsciously , and how it brings us so much heartache. I was trying to shift my focus to consciously choosing to be a "slave" to God and experiencing freedom in being a His "slave".