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Poems by Rob Dilworth

poem count: 37 | pages: 5 | first place: 11 times | second place: 7 times | finalist: 30 times
In the middle of all of the chaos caused by the virus spreading around the world, this is a reminder of who holds it all.

When we let them see our weakness, only then can they truly see His power.

Independence first in poetry contest
During this 4th of July holiday, the word "independence" kept coming to my mind and eventually inspired this poem. I hope you enjoy it.

Just One finalist in poetry contest
This fun little poem is about my love of Oreo cookies. Sadly, I can't eat just one . . . .

A Song finalist in poetry contest
I so admire those individuals who've been gifted by God to write and perform worship songs. I thank God for the way the words and music combine to move people in such a powerful way.

Yours first in poetry contest
I pray that God will grant me the grace to cover over the sins against me with love, the same way he does mine. 1 Peter 4 : 8

A Giant’s Dare finalist in poetry contest
My poetic version of one of my favorite Bible stories.

Borrowed Words first in poetry contest
If you're like me and want to connect with God in prayer but sometimes can't find the words, then this poem is for you.

World Wide Web finalist in poetry contest
The internet brings so many benefits to our lives and is used in so many positive ways, like this website. However, it is also used for evil. The real danger for Christians is how easy it is to get caught in its web and how difficult it is to break free.