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Praise & Worship Poems

The Full Story
It is not a matter of whether we will worship or not. For the reality is all of us worship something. The real question is what/who will we choose to worship.

Praise Him
Now is the moment to give God praise. No matter what that moment may bring!

All for His Glory
We go through different seasons and experiences. Through them all we need to give God the glory. Our lives were created so that we can declare the glory of our gracious Lord! Time for us to surrender our stories to His glory.

It's A Wonderful Day!
A very brief praise from the heart.

The Rocks Proclaim
God’s glory is known through out his creation. So we should praise Him… even more so and publicly. We should be the example for all of creation….not the reticent follower

Poem of Praise
This poem was written to give praise to God, to thank Him for grace, protection, His word as well as many other blessings.

The Lord is Most Adept. . .
Let's give thanks to the Lord, for He is most adept. . .

Guilty No More
The old life has passed - the new has come!

The Only One I need finalist in poetry contest
Jesus is the One that we need. One thousand excuses are never enough!

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