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Poems by Dave Mudford

poem count: 216 | pages: 24 | first place: 3 times | finalist: 33 times
Prayer to the Holy Spirit
a prayer seeking God's will for our lives

Living in Luxury
explores what has real value

More Than a Glance
Sometimes we drift through our landscapes missing the true beauty of His grace.

Walk into the Light
empty, barren and broken is the striving life. Blessed is the life resting in His grace, living in His light.

Resting in Grace
In all seasons, no matter the weather He is worthy of our praise

Did You Know
A poem about what I will ask my Dad next time I talk to him. Been over 34 years since his passing but he still impacts my life today. Thanks Dad!

Stained Remorse
This poem explores the writing experience - so often crafted and designed for our protection. The rawness and honesty controlled and directed by our pride. Compassion then is left to wander aimless without any real depth and meaning.

Shade and Shadows
Our perspective often governs our ways. Time for us to open our eyes to the wonder of God's grace.