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Poems by Dave Mudford

poem count: 178 | pages: 20 | first place: 2 times | finalist: 28 times
Not Enough Blues
Sometimes it feels like there is not enough blue to paint our skies. This can get us down and make us blue! However His grace gives us enough blue to make our pictures complete (no matter our circumstances)

More Than a Rhyme
This poem explores a dark theme. However its a subject that should not be ignored. All children need to be loved and protected!

The Wounds of Freedom
May we never lose sight of the price of our freedom. May we honor the sacrifice by how we live.

Flames of Change
The flame of fire can destroy and scar - or bring renewal, life and beauty; refining the soul.

As for Me
When faced with questions the world raises, what will be our response? May it always be - As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!

Hidden Deep Within
What is hidden deep in your heart? despair or Jesus and His love!

The Full Story
It is not a matter of whether we will worship or not. For the reality is all of us worship something. The real question is what/who will we choose to worship.

Praise Him
Now is the moment to give God praise. No matter what that moment may bring!

Living What’s Best
Contrasts living without grace and living with grace.