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Poems by Dave Mudford

poem count: 51 | pages: 6 | first place: 1 time | finalist: 5 times
I was There; Now I am Here
Without God we sit alone - with Him we never sit alone. This poem looks at the contrast between them.

Weary Soul
Living out of our efforts will make our soul weary. Time to be refreshed - time to accept Jesus's invitation "Come to Me"

What a pity if we fail to see the beauty of God's gift of the Sabbath. Instead we turn it into duty or we neglect the connection and refreshment it can bring. Sabbath so much more than being inactive, but more actively resting in His love.

Listening so you may Hear
Are we really listening?

Dusty Roads
Written from the perspective of the thief on the cross - who had experienced many dusty roads!

So often we are living in the shadows. Afraid of stepping into the light of God's grace. Yet its only there that real healing of the soul is done.

Radical Casting
We need to practice our casting! - So often when I cast I keep my fears and concerns close. Ready to avail myself of them so I can keep in control. The casting mentioned in 1 Peter 5:7 is a little more radical than that and more blessed!

Painting in Color
If life seems grey - it may be time to see who has the brush?

Obedience from the Heart
What if obedience is different than we thought? The obedience God desires is that which overflows from a loving heart.