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Poems About Virtue & Christ-likeness

Reflection and Apology

The Greatest is Love
Romans 12:21 says "Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good."Pray for Virginia, pray for our nation

Reflected Glory first in poetry contest
To God be the Glory.

Think more . . . speak less!

A Critcal Spirit
God can transform the critical spirit.

We are living in a sinful world and God knows our every sin. We need to repent and obey Jesus and do what he wants us to do.. You can be sure that your sins will find you out sooner or later. So repent and come close to God.

Don't give in to the pressure of your worldly peers!

Eyes of Love
Living in a world that sees self as first and foremost, we need to remember as Christians to love our neighbor as Christ commanded. This pleases the Lord and may He always help us so so.

Designed To Shine
Let your light shine!

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