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Poems by Raydene Nash

The Judgment: My Account Today
I am looking forward to giving my account to my Heavenly Father because of what Jesus is doing in me!

Held Up In Prayer
Our hearts break for those adults we love who deny Jesus as their Lord, even though as children they accepted Him as Savior. There may still be time for them to repent, we can hold them up in prayer with faith before the Lord.

Keep the Faith
There are countless things that can throw us off in our thinking and behavior. Each of us can determine what those are in our own lives. This poem gives a few possible examples.

For Some In the Valley of Decision
God uses the most unexpected ways and people to reach others in need of salvation. God is humble and uses the humble to do His work. The more that is learned of God's law, the more is seen the need for grace from God.

Much More
Romans 4:17 speaks of calling those things that be not as though they were. Our world looks very far from being at peace, often our lives feel the same. Maybe it's time to do what Jesus did, and speak, "Peace, be still," to the storms.

Hell Made for the Devil
There is forgiveness and salvation through Jesus Christ alone.

The Word Will Speak
When running across beliefs we aren't familiar with or don't initially agree with, it is best to check them out in God's word.

New Testament
The word triunity refers to the trinity. I use the term wrestling like the apostle Paul does in Eph. 6:12. I use the term asps as in Rom. 3:13, to refer to evil spirits. Covenant and testament have the same meaning as in Heb. 8:13.

Proud of His Find
The Bible tells husbands to love their wives as Christ loved the church and gave Himself for it. I feel my husband loves me this way the more he learns about Jesus' love and grace.