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Poems by Gloria Beach

poem count: 39 | pages: 5
The time to be happy
You will make it through, somehow!

Love, Mercy and Grace
Can you remember a time when you received unconditional love? How about undeserving mercy and amazing grace? Let's be willing to share these gifts with others, for Jesus sake.

A prayer and a song
Climb your mountain with a prayer and a song

In The Sweet By and By
God gave me this poem after I survived from having a heart attack. My desire is that others may know there is hope of eternal life, beyond the grave. Praise His Wonderful Name! I would like this read at the time of my passing, for Jesus sake.

Love Lifted Me
People may be more inclined to listen to us, if we learn to love more and condemn less.

Just "Faith" It
Hebrews 11:6 But without faith it is impossible to please him

Okra, Chiggers and Red Clay
To my surprise, learning to be a true southern country girl is not so easy. Especially when okra just slides down my throat, chiggers bury themselves under my skin and red clay sticks to my shoes!

My best friend
Jesus is the sweetest name I know!