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Easter Poems

Description of the meaning of the day

"He Lives!"
I saw myself watching the events when Jesus was placed in the Tomb and the events that followed.

My Redeemer
Resurrection morning and what it means to me.

Heartbeat Questions
Simple moments in a garden against a backdrop of the powerful resurrection. Often we don't hear God's voice or recognise him in our life as we are focused on grief, pain, expectations of what God should be doing or can't do - and then He meets us!

Best Laid Plans finalist in poetry contest
God has a remarkable way of producing life from death. He creates a calm in the midst of calamity and is able to bring about a blessing in the turmoil of disaster.

He’s alive!
Written to follow "Between Good Friday and Easter Sunday"

The time between Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday seems to ebb in flow a different reality that seems closer to human life. A mix of grief and wonderment, pain and celebration, waiting and ready to move on.

Between Good Friday and Easter Sunday
I have tried to capture the shattered world of the disciples immediately after the crucifixion, but before they heard the glorious news of the resurrection of Jesus

The Man in the middle finalist in poetry contest
I put myself at the foot of the cross, being transformed by the power of His love. How some can receive His love and forgiveness and how some don't. Luke23:26-49.

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