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Poems by Royston

poem count: 130 | pages: 15 | first place: 9 times | second place: 6 times | finalist: 47 times
It should have been me
A short poem reflecting on the miscarriage of justice that first Easter

Lash by Lash the pain He bore
Reflecting on the coming of Easter

My peace I give to you
Some artists were asked to paint a picture portraying the peace of God. One of the pictures submitted showed a violent storm, a raging river cascading over a water fall. Amidst the turmoil at the bottom of the fall was a bird standing on a rock singing.

The mystery of the heavenly
Written after watching Brian Cox's program on Black Holes

Lead me Lord
Wanting to walk through each day with Jesus

Who is this man? finalist in poetry contest
Luke 9:18 Once when Jesus was praying in private and his disciples were with him, he asked them, “Who do the crowds say I am?”

I have heard your tears
Written after I heard my wife crying in her sleep during the night. I rolled over to cuddle her and was conscious that Jesus was also aware of each tear that she shed and was holding her in His embrace.

What can I give Him?
Written after singing the words "What can I give Him poor as I am" from a well known Christmas carol

The Rich Man and Lazarus
Written after reading Luke 16:19-31Lord, help me not to be so rich that I forget about You,or so poor that I am tempted to steal.