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The Devil: His Deceit, Designs, and Destiny

by Kevin Smead © 2024

The devil is alive and well;
He is not yet confined to hell.
He hunts, he stalks, he roams around;
For him, no place is holy ground.

He tempts believers with his snairs;
He loves it when we're filled with care.
He twists the scriptures to his end;
He loves to dress up and pretend

Accusing saints both day and night;
As if he cares what's wrong and right.
He flatters when it fits his plan;
But will afflict you if he can.

He cannot be in every space,
But many demons take his place.
They come forth from his evil lair,
And do his work as if he's there.

With many weapons at his hand,
We only beat him if we stand.
Resist him firmly in the Lord;
And handle well the Spirit's sword

Soon to this earth he'll be confined;
His wrath will rage against mankind.
Then to the pit one thousand years;
Christ will reign and calm all fears.

And then one final battle fought;
One final lesson will be taught.
The force of evil Christ will break,
And cast him in the fiery lake.

For now his power still is great;
By faith in Christ we know his fate.
When trials come in like a Flood,
We overcome him by the blood.

This poem was a finalist in the March 2024 poetry contest

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