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Poems by Kevin Smead

poem count: 89 | pages: 10 | first place: 6 times | second place: 3 times | finalist: 22 times
The Devil: His Deceit, Designs, and Destiny finalist in poetry contest
This is a poem about public enemy number one - the Devil. As Christians we know that our spiritual enemy is real, that he is powerful (though not all powerful), and that he is very deceitful. We also know that He is defeated and ultimately doomed.

A View from the Empty Tomb
This is a poem about the hope that comes from the Empty Tomb. It plays off of the paradox of that which is empty giving us fullness of hope. My prayer is that it will be inspirational for someone as we prepare to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord.

It's All So Artificial
This is a poem about Artificial Intelligence. While this technology is sure to provide good services to the world, there are also many dangers. Many leaders actually have grandiose plans of using AI to alter the human race and to replace religion.

This Great Birth
The birth of Christ is amazing and profound. The eternal Son of God, took on a human nature, becoming poor that we might be rich in Him. Because He is the Son of God, He was able to live a perfect life, die an atoning death, and defeat sin and the grave.

None Shall Deconstruct first in poetry contest
This is a poem about the abiding truth of God. The world may wage war upon His truth, but it is in vain

The Star of Bethlehem
The star of Bethlehem is of great importance in the biblical narrative about the coming of Christ. It reminds us that we need God's special revelation to come to the Savior,.

News of Freedom
This is a very simple poem about Christmas, and the freedom and the joy that we can have because Christ came to save us from our sins.

True Thanksgiving
True Thanksgiving has the power to transform our lives, as well as our communities. In a day of when rage and envy are driving the outbursts on the internet and in our streets, true thanksgiving would promote peace, joy and unity.

Martin Luther and the Bible
As we near Oct 31, many will celebrate Halloween, but I always think of Martin Luther - for it was on Oct 31, 1517 that he famously nailed the 95 thesis. This poem is about the role the Bible played in the work of Luther and the Reformation.