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A Diff’rent World

by Kristine Stanton © 2023

What a diff'rent world it'd be
if every nation and country
came together to unite
and never struggle—never fight.

Working side-by-side each day
laughing, smiling—no disarray.
Forming friendships one-by-one
with no more battles to be won.

Kneeling, praying, lifting hands
as one with God across all lands.
Brothers, sisters, join as one
in prayerful thanks to Yahweh's Son.

What a diff'rent world we'd see
if every nation and country
praised the Lord for all He's done
and for the battles that He's won.

Give Him thanks and praise His name—
all come together to proclaim
that our Savior is the Lord
and will forever be adored.

This poem won second place for the April 2024 poetry contest

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