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Poems by Kristine Stanton

poem count: 197 | pages: 22 | first place: 3 times | second place: 4 times | finalist: 70 times
A poem about three boys: Truth, Lie, Dare. . .

There is a Growing Need. . .
There is a growing need for God, His love, tranquility, mercy, grace, righteousness. . .The world needs God, forgiveness, and faithfulness so it can change its ways. . .

Blessings for the New Year - 2024.. . .May God's peace be with you throughout the New Year.

I Hear Sweet Angels Singing
This poem is about sweet angels coming to honor and adore Jesus at Christmas time each year.

The Candy Cane
A poem about the candy cane and the Shepherd's staff.

Come Adore God’s Precious Lamb finalist in poetry contest
With adoration, call out the name of Immanuel and sing Him praises - the precious Lamb of God. . .

The Greatest Gift
Jesus is the gift - the reason for the Christmas season. . .

The Birth of Our Savior
This poem is about the birth of Jesus and the bright eastern star that guided the Magi on their journey to worship Him and bring gifts.

A Babe was Born in Bethlehem
This poem speaks of the birth of Jesus. . .