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A Transformed Chorus

by Dave Mudford © 2024

abrasive self disrupts
connection's healing way,
corroding peaceful journeys
in the shadows of dismay.

bitter thoughts corrupting
intimacy's heart and glee,
wonder's breath in ashes
as from true love we flee.

wounded feelings ruling
guiding our faithless days,
compromise now is surging
hearts filled with empty praise.

despair begins disturbing
hope's delightful chorus,
silencing truth's message
in the burdens before us…

gentle kindness given
connection's healing grace,
restoring peaceful journey's
in the light of His embrace.

loving thoughts enhancing
intimacy's heart and glee,
wonder's breath is blooming
from doubt and fear, set free

wounded Saviour ruling
guiding our faith in His ways,
surrender now is thriving
hearts filled with thankful praise.

worship begins exclaiming
hope's delightful chorus,
proclaiming truth's message
knowing our God is for us.

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