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Did You Know

by Dave Mudford © 2024

There are many things I would ask
when I'm next talking with my Dad,
At last, we would be our true selves
to precious moments we could add.

Did you know how much I valued
the time spent working side by side,
Struggling in droughts and flooding rains
your strong hands, always there to guide.

Did you know you were my best mate
sharing joy of life together,
Not just a father, but my Dad
my sure rock through stormy weather.

Did you know you were my hero
a special gift from God above,
Did you know I loved your laughter
that I could always sense your love.

Did you know how much you taught me
how to work hard and how to play,
How to commit and have real faith
how to be true to what you say.

Did you know my world came crashing down
when you breathed in your last sunrise,
Your reward a life in heaven
grief's heavy burden my surprise.

Did you know how people loved you
admired your strength and quiet way,
So many words were left unsaid
did you know, what I didn't say?

Do you know how much I miss you
how I wish my children saw your grin,
Do you know how much I'm grateful
that God gave you to me as kin.

Note: Written in loving memory of my Dad - Until we meet again!

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