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Life on Their Own

by Kristine Stanton © 2024

So many in this splendid world
do not accept the LORD.
They choose to live life on their own—
Almighty God ignored.

They've placed their faith within themselves,
with every twist and turn,
and there's a void within their hearts—
an unknown Truth they yearn. . .

A void that they can't satisfy—
an emptiness within—
a void that causes them to stir
as each new day begins.

And that is why . . .

We humbly come before You, LORD—
on bended knee we pray
for all who do not know You, God—
we pray for them each day. . .

We pray that all will seek Your face
and not just quite a few.
We pray that You will fill each void,
that only You can do.

We pray all humbly come to You
and leave their pasts behind.
We pray that when they call Your name
You grant them peace of mind.

We pray all place their faith in You
and honor You each day.
We praise You for each answered prayer
and give thanks as we pray.

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