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Search Us – Look Through the Windows of Our Eyes

by Kristine Stanton © 2024

Come search us, LORD, Almighty God—
our thoughts, our words, our deeds.
Look through the windows of our eyes—
root out what we don't need.

And when you come across our sins,
have mercy on us, LORD.
Remove all our impurities
and help us sin no more.

Yes, should You see offensive ways
please cleanse us of these sins.
Set us free—don't let us stray—
come make us clean within.

Renew our hearts—renew our souls—
in Your Son's name we pray.
Come dress us in Your armor, God,
all nights and every day.

And as each day begins, dear LORD,
embrace us with Your love,
Encourage us to seek Your face
on Earth and up above.

This poem was a finalist in the June 2024 poetry contest

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