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Your Name Brings Music to Our Ears

by Kristine Stanton © 2024

Your name brings music to our ears —
a song that soothes each soul.
You are the One who gave us life—
the One who makes us whole.

You filled the Earth with plants and trees
and creatures of all kinds.
You saw that it was very good—
You then made humankind.

You placed the stars throughout the skies—
the sun—You gave it light
to shine its rays upon the Earth—
the moon to shine at night.

You gave the oceans boundaries—
set tides to rise and fall.
Their beauty truly captivates
the eyes of one and all.

You made each season on the Earth—
created day and night.
You are the Maker of all things—
our God—our Shining Light.

You are the One who is Most High
and rules o'er everything.
You are the LORD we bow before—
our God—our Living King.

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