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The Shepherd, the Sheep, and the Wolves

by Pearl Leona Sturgis

The wolves, they wear professor's caps, all dress in fluffy wool. The sheep can't tell the half of that. So easily they're fooled.
The sheep just know the Shepherd who cares for them each day. But often they forget that and then they drift astray.
They wander near the wolf pack and tremble there in fear. Then wish the Lowly Shepherd would suddenly appear.
That's when the sheep remember the Shepherd's trumpet cry! "You must all stick together! You must all stay close by!"
The wolves may fool the sheep now....but one thing I must say: "The wolves will never see how the Shepherd came their way!"

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
Please remember to mention the author of this poem when using.