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Poems by Pearl Leona Sturgis

poem count: 217 | pages: 25 | first place: 2 times | second place: 3 times | finalist: 24 times
Do we Still Love America?
I've been compiling history and haven't written poems for a long while. I woke up this Morning with this one concerned about our straying from God.

The Shepherd, the Sheep, and the Wolves
I wrote this this Morning, February 17,2017. I was beginning to think I couldn't write anymore poems. This is my first poem of the year. I wrote it for God and Country page because of the moral decay in our country today.

What Christmas means to me
I wrote this around 4 AM this morning, Thanks Giving Day. just feeling thankful and mellow and focusing on what Christmas means.

For You and for Me.
Thinking of the holidays coming up and feeling mellow. Jesus is the reason for the season.. I just wrote this this Morning, November 10,2016.

Establish the Border
I haven't written a poem for months but I was reading Psalm 40 and it said God put a new song in my heart and I was thinking of all the political talk about establishing the Border so I was inspired to write "Establish the Border"

If Ever I am Missing
I wrote this when I was writing down my living will. I thought it would comfort my loved ones if it were read at my funeral service.

The Prodigal's Elder Son
I found myself in the same position of the Prodigal;s elder son wondering why those who were guilty got more attention than those who were faithful. Also I had been studying the story of Job and never understood it till the last chapter.

The Answer first in poetry contest
We were asked in writing class to pick one word for 2016 and stick it on our fridge. I picked "Answer" the teacher made a magnet with each student's word, I have had it on my fridge for two months. This Morning I was inspired to write "The Answer"

Bloodstains in the Snow
This happened less than a month ago. A patriot rancher and his passengers were headed to a meeting to learn the Constitution. The dispute was over the patriot's land being taken by eminent domain. A meeting was scheduled in the community center.