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There Is No Want For Love

by YeoYY © 2020

There is no want for love in the saviour
No lack nor hunger pang unmet will be
No sadness nor pain, of bittersweet flavour
Finds solace but blessing upon Calvary

Through vast distant years of time and space
The cross of Christ was lifted on high
The love of God speaks in every place
Declaring to mankind, "Salvation is nigh!"

By perfect atonement of death on a cross
His shedding of priceless, redeeming blood
All that was gain to Him, He counted loss
Purchased eternal life as Son of God

Such agony suffered in full sacrifice
He laid down His life so that many may live
Unloved and rejected, men Him did despise
Knew not the great pow'r of His love to forgive

Suff'ring and pain were the high price He paid
Deep sorrow and anguish He chose to endure
In truest expression unspoken, unsaid
In dying a pardon to us did secure

When the world suffers for want of love
Weary and hollowed men strive without cease
A heaven-blest answer to us from above
Is beauty and truth and unspeakable peace

This anthem of love shall sweetly resound
The people hear music the blessed shall sing
By laws of true kindness each man shall be bound
In loving each other show love for their king

All peoples of God, from each tribe and tongue
Rejoicing beneath the Majesty's throne
Bowing before Him in worship and song
Bonded in love and together made one

No faction or joint shall God's people divide
No sliver of doubt hinder our happy sight
All races, all peoples, all difference beside
In the cross children of God shall unite

There is no want for love in the saviour
No longing or hunger He need satisfy
No sadness we bear, as joyful we savour
For want of our love, God Him did crucify

Matthew 6:25-34 - verse 34 - But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

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