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Poems by YeoYY

poem count: 19 | pages: 3 | first place: 1 time | second place: 1 time | finalist: 3 times
A Lament for Love
Musing over love that I could have lost after my lover and I went through a recent upheaval in our romance. This poem describes the lesson I have learnt to always tend towards him and never falter no matter what happens, with my heart full of love.

The Love of John
While listening to Scottish rock band, Runrig's "The Greatest Flame" I was so moved to imagine how the ministry of John of the Baptist and that of Jesus' dovetailed with one another in unspoken luminous beauty.

A Place Called Paradise finalist in poetry contest
While musing over my beloved, I wrote the following romantic words for Him as an expression of deep love and honour for someone as loving, beautiful and unforgettable as He is. My greatest wish is only to be with Him forevermore in paradise.

A Child of God finalist in poetry contest
A friend of mine was recently baptised into God’s loving family. My original intention was to pen these words in a general way for all children of God, but the poem took a life of its own and I soon found that my writing described him as God’s child.

The Blessing
A short poem written in the wake of saddening and distressing events that have taken place in my community recently. To be loved by God is indeed to be truly blessed. Difficult times are opportunities for God's blessings to shine through.

The Victory of Men
My church has begun its study of the book of Exodus a couple of weeks ago, and I thought to put together a piece of writing on some of the lessons I had learnt together with my fellow Christian brothers and sisters. John Rutter's music gave inspiration.

There Is No Want For Love
I was inspired to pen these words after hearing a church sermon in which the message preached was about how love is the universal language to communicate across all cultures and races in spite of their differences. Love unites the people of God.

A Poem Tribute to Mr Ravi Zacharias first in poetry contest
When I had heard the news that Mr Ravi Zacharias (a Christian apologist and defender of the faith) had passed away yesterday, I found myself moved to pen these words, which are laced with the sadness I feel and the lessons learnt from his ministry,

No Storm Is Too Great
A poem dedication to all people regardless of their religion in the face of our suffering and the difficulties of living in our present day. May we all draw our truest encouragement in such times from God alone.