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The Voice

by Jeff Bidiman

While entering the woods beside the glade
I was startled by a sound I heard.
Astonished,I stopped to determine what made

That audible noise resembling a word.
Yet as I scanned the land around
I could find no man; no beast; no bird.

Nothing moved in air or on ground.
The wind did not rustle grass or tree.
But once again I perceived the sound
Of someone out there taunting me.

Hauntingly whispering an urgent refrain
"Hear me!" rasped the invisible talker
Echoing from the back of my brain.

"Who are you?" I asked my unseen stalker
Nervously awaiting its eerie reply
Then came a voice from my hearts hidden locker;

"Before you made your first mortal cry,
Your purpose was given when you were born
I am this purpose that you deny
Left to linger, lost and forlorn.

I have watched you squander your existence.
Coasting through life in the guise of a drone.
Living in comfort. Avoiding resistance.

Secure in your world of being alone.
Scared of what other people might say.
Scared of stepping into the unknown.

Don't let these fears lead you astray.
Follow that which inspires you.
Heed my words and do not delay.
It is time to live your life anew."

The voice spoke a truth I could not deny.
I was living a life of security.
Living the life of a lie.

I now saw the light in all its purity,
And through my days of complying,
I had descended into obscurity.

Hearing what the voice was implying,
I new that I needed changing.
It all seemed so terrifying.
Where should I start rearranging?

"When you have faith, you have no fear."
The invisible voice returned to say.
"When you trust God your path will be clear.

Let Him lead you on your way.
Your Father will not let you fail
Believe in His glory beginning today!

Raise your spirit like a billowing sail
Propelling you over life's rolling tide,
And if there comes a stormy gale,
Let Christ our Savior be your guide."

I stood beside those woods a while
listening to my voice inside,
Then wandered away wearing a smile.
Glad for a spirit that won't be denied.

This poem was a finalist in the October 2008 poetry contest

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