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Poems by Jeff Bidiman

poem count: 52 | pages: 6 | first place: 3 times | second place: 4 times | finalist: 23 times
My Cup Runs Over second in poetry contest
Psalm 23 says that God is all we need and more. Our fulfillment and self- worth are not found in our own actions or cultures latest schemes, but in how God sees us. There are so many people struggling to figure this out today.

The Greatest is Love
Romans 12:21 says "Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good."Pray for Virginia, pray for our nation

God's Workmanship
I always find comfort and joy when I ponder God's creation. The title comes from Ephesians 2:10 and the body of the poem was inspired from Acts 17:24-25

I believe all things, good or bad, happen for a reason and sometimes hardships occur as a way to stimulate spiritual growth. I imagine this would be how Job or Joseph or even Paul would have felt during their hardships.

Civil Eyes finalist in poetry contest
I thought I would post this as a call to The Church regarding recent tragedies and hardships around the world. Please pray for the Christians under persecution and pray for London.

This is a sonnet from a series I wrote about five years ago, but it seems more relevant now.

Summit finalist in poetry contest
Oh that we all would summit together and be bathed in the glow of the glory of God!

Gears second in poetry contest
I recently learned a valuable (and painful) lesson on what happens when we choose to let our feelings gain control over our hearts and as I examined what I had been taught this poem came to me.

Faith for the Climb
I wrote this after reading Psalm 121. I pray it gives witness to God's love to whoever needs encouragement at this time of year.