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This Loved One

by Warrior 4Christ

This Loved One [aka: More Than Sunshine]

More than sunshine on bright flowers
Pressed against Spring's soft, green clime;
More than sunshine in blue heavens,
Is this Loved One I call mine.

More than happy days of glory
Lived upon Earth's wide, blue orb;
More than happy thoughts of friends here,
Is this Loved One ... Christ The Lord.

More than birdsong from high mountains,
Trilled against Night's grey twilight;
More than birdsong on soft mornings
Which might bring me great delight ...

Is this never-ending friendship
Brighter than the skies above;
Deeper than the azure oceans
...This most Precious One I love.

More than sunshine in Spring's glory
Flashed upon Life's upward climb,
More than sunshine of Earth's heavens,
Is this Loved One I call "mine"!

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