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Poems by Warrior 4Christ

poem count: 27 | pages: 3 | second place: 1 time | finalist: 8 times
All Things Christ Suffered
Christ suffered with such royal dignity and compassion, He remained on the cross, forgiving--not only His killers, but every soul who will kneel in surrender to Him. His heroic actions still come from God's own Heart leading us thru life to glory.

Jesus Came To Deliver Us
Jesus Christ was born into this world to redeem souls, through His death on the cross. His willingness to deliver us into an abundant life of love, gives all of mankind hope and peace.

Heaven-Touched Hope
Jesus Christ brought Heaven's Hope to mankind as God's Greatest Sacrifice of Love. As God's Sacrificial Lamb, He shed His Blood to forgive sin and bring Divine Redemption.. Defeating Death, He rose in Conquering Power, giving us Eternal Life!.

This Loved One
Jesus reveals Himself thru all nature, yet He is more valued than all earthly delights; very dear and precious.

He Came To All
Angels sang to shepherds, yet through the ages, it is truth that Jesus, The Prince of Peace, came to all of us who will open our hearts to Him.

Shout The Good News!
When unbelievers take away Christian rights--even saying we cannot mention Christ in "Christ"mas; we should not be ashamed, or cowed into silent. Rejoice! Christ Jesus has come to save us!

Calvary's Lamb--Our Sacrifice
No one can save, heal, and guide like The Son of God, Jesus, Who gave His life on Calvary as the only perfect Sacrifice for our sin. He lives and reigns forever. How sweet and loving our Savior is; how extremely worth of our adoration and praise!

God of The Empty Tomb
Even in the world today, we can find Hope's light in knowing Christ overcame death's dismal darkness,and fear of the tomb, for He is The Resurrection and The Life-eternally.

Serenity second in poetry contest
God will keep us in perfect peace when our minds are stayed on Him (Isa 26:3);even during sorrow, or fear. Penned after my brother Sam's suicide, when I was so broken. We can always rely on our Comforting Savior, whose Presence brings deep serenity.