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Jesus broke down the man-made barriers

by Royston

Jesus broke man-made codes and crossed the boundaries
and did not agree with the scribes and Pharisees
but reached out to the outcast and those left outside
welcoming them all with His loving arms opened wide

'Though He had come to Israel He broke their rule
for He was a kind man and could never be cruel.
Leaping the boundaries between Jew and Gentile
He reached out to the woman with His loving smile.

Then He granted her request because of her faith
healing her daughter from her demonic disgrace.
Not just crumbs from the table but freeing her child
as both the mother and daughter were reconciled

This wonderful example Jesus showed to us;
we who cause great divisions and create such a fuss.
Helping us to see the child for whom He had died
bringing harmony into every single divide.

Lord, give us the strength to break down every boundary
and to reach out in love to the people that we see
and not let colour, nationality or gender decide
causing a great big chasm and awful divide.

Let's turn the other cheek and not be arrogant but meek.
Greet our enemy with a smile and walk the extra mile.
Give to those who want to borrow and love as though there's no tomorrow.
For following Jesus is about turning selfish values inside out.

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This Christian poem may be used within Christian ministries for any non-profit purpose without requesting permission.
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