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The Calling Star

by Jeff Bidiman

In the slumbering seas of comforting night
I beheld the heavens, and to my delight,
A lone bright star shone down on me
With illuminating beauty.

I marveled at this wondrous sight
Glowing with celestial light
When something stirred inside of me,
A feeling fighting to break free.

Unprepared to let it out,
I quickly turned myself about.
I was not ready to explore
The one thing I was searching for.

Yet there it was, night after night,
Calling from an impossible height.
Beckoning to my skittish spirit,
Until at last my heart could hear it.

In what seemed a somber dream,
I knelt beneath that burnished beam.
Praying to the Lord above
To bless me with His flawless love.

In silent supplication, I wept
As if my lifelong pain had crept
From the corners of my eyes
To view that star up in the skies.

Each tear that trickled down my face
Took with it an old disgrace
That I carried deep inside
The chambers of my worldly pride.

Then in this meek and weakened state,
All my fears could not abate
The peacefulness those tears set free
Beneath a star that beckoned me.

This broken man will now relate,
That if you humbly supplicate,
God will grant you what you need,
And your spirit shall be freed.

This poem was a finalist in the March 2009 poetry contest

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